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    Just wondering whether anyone out there uses / has a good knowledge of Novell? We use it here at work, and i've sort of gotta teach myself as much as I can about Netware 5.1 and Zenworks 3, in as little time as possible... and there's no one around here that can teach me anything.

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    Bah Win2k server kicks it in the pants for usability, there's getting to be less and less Novell freaks aound.....
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    Beefy, I thought that Novell was the main reason why you had nothing to do most days..... so reliable that you have no support calls
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    man i used to be an admin for a record storage company. novell was crap.

    we switched over to oracle and it kicked ass.
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    Now these answers really ain't helpin' the poor bugger out as that is what he has to work with and he can't change that so if ya's stick with his question pls and don't say what he should be using. :smokin:

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