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Thread: MX 420 Max ovreclock

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    Hi guys, on my other comp, which is an HP 734n, (2400+,512 DDR266, 80 WD, LiteOn CD-RW and DVDrom) it came with some Asus video card that has the GF4 MX420 chip on it. It runs really hot, and im thinking of replacing its psasive cooler with an active one, becuase i touched the HS and i though i had gotten a 3rd degree burn :laugh: . It runs on standard PC2700 RAM at DDR333 MHz for the board, and the clock is 250 MHz (i have it stable right now at 260/333). So do any of you guys now what a good clock speed to shoot for is with passive? Thanks :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
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    As with any OCing, it varies from chip to chip. You will just have to play with it for a while once ya got that new cooling up and running.

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