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Thread: oc'ing woes

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    Ok. I got the rig to reach the 185-190 fsb range with limited stability. I believe I had the multiplier at 12.5 when the rig decided that it was too high.

    I left my ram timings alone, as they were identical to those timings 'Woody' used when he hit 200fsb (5,2,2,2), and his rig is very similar to mine except he's got corsair 3200 while I have 2700. I pushed ram voltage up to 2.7 which seemed to help, and I believe I also pushed vcore up to maybe 1.725 or thereabouts. Ram was also set at 100%, not auto, not spd.

    I think I am finding that my ceiling on this rig is about 12x185, which would be worth the performance gains.

    The only other thing I can think to do would be to get higher fsb by relaxing the ram timings further. Any suggestions here, magic formulas? But I don't want them too relaxed as I might lose some performace gains that way.
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    Mmm... my 2600+ (2083MHz stock) is runnin' at 12.5 x 181MHz for 2.26GHz atm (but I havn't had any real time to tinker with it yet).

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