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Thread: Newbie at overclocking...

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    Hi there...

    Just got to this page, and it seems like a lot of you have a lot of experience with overclocking...

    I've just overclocked my first machine, and it's still alive so i must have done something right :)

    Anyways, it's a P4 1600mhz processor and after a few tweaks it deliveres 1972mhz. Is that an okay figure, or should i expect to get more from it? If so, what do i do next? I've just adjusted the Fsb....

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    As far as actual speed is concerned, the FSB is the only way you'll be able to gain more. The Intel line is "multiplier locked" so you can't adjust the multiplier when playing.

    As to the speed you have attained, it depends on so many things. The chipset operating the motherboard, the motherboard itself and the settings it has (or doesn't have) to accomodate the overclocker, the memory quality, the processor core design... and the list goes on.

    If you're running one of the older Willamette processors, then you've got yourself a good speed there. But if you're playing with one of the newer processors from the Intel lineup, then there is still a goodly amount of possible potential hidden there.

    A general rule of thumb is to take your processor to higher levels in small increments. I generally use 5MHz jumps until I start to see instabilty (or the PC just refuses to boot). From there I will reset the CMOS and then go back to my last useful 5MHz setting and go upwards in 1MHz increments. Make sure to do some benchmarking/stress tests between these jumps so that you'll know where your system tops out at.

    Good luck. :D
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    No, he can't be on a newer core, because 1.6 GHz only comes in the Wilammate flavor. I would say that is a very decsent OC.
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