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Thread: Overclock Your Mind

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    This is something I have personally thought for years.

    These are two different studies...
    "In their capacity as a tool, computers will be but a ripple on the surface of our culture. In their capacity as intellectual challenge, they are without precedent in the cultural history of mankind." - Edsger Dijkstra

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeradul
    This is something I have personally thought for years.

    These are two different studies...
    yay! positive effects of gaming..

    i can say that after months of playing counter-strike.. PAINTBALL seems like a joke (well in the certain place we played at anyway, they had rules where the person had to be 35+ feet away, no closer).

    First round of paintball, thinking it was Counter-strike, I went and rushed (coz people hate campers in CS) and shot 1 person 15 feet away and snuck up on 2 people hiding and shot their backs close range..

    the Referee didnt seem to like that... had to sit out one game.. and troughout the day, i was keeping my distance all the time and i was bored.. i was like, "man, gimme a knife or a handgun and lemme go kill them up close."

    I think the reason why they didnt want people shooting at closer than 35 feet was because your gun would be so accurate that you didnt have to use so many PAINTBALLS which you had to buy from them (1,000 rounds @ $45 USD)...

    oh well.. that was my little rant.

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    Hehe! I used to play paintball back in college when it was new. Only handgun pistols with low power, poor range, and low accuracy. You had to get in close. I also played in Florida in fairly dense jungle type settings. First time I played we all went out that evening and watched "Platoon" in theatres (hint as to how old I am ;) )

    Very few rules, even headshots caused little injury short of a cut lip or forhead, we wore only lightweight safety goggles for protection....lots of up close and personal combat and lots of sneaking around and ambush. I was probably spoiled and wouldn't be able to play it with today's rules. That's why I love gaming...There are very few rules in real combat and you can expect even those to be broken.
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