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Thread: Is there a formula for the Vcore voltage?

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    Hey, thanks for all that info t_wheeler. :thumb: Man you got that fsb up there. Even lowering my multiplier. Mine doesn't like any thing over 166. But then my ram is holding me back there. I hate to see my temps go very far into the 40's under load. It hits about 43c while playing UT2k3 and, that puts 100% load on the cpu. Voltage @ 1.75 (1.82) Even when I turned it up to 1.82 for the 14x I still get BSOD after a while.
    Raising the voltage does help increase stability. (If it's an issue) I think I found my Happy Medium for now.
    What are you usind to get the wattage reading? :confused:

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    I'm using Sandra3000 to tell me the wattage. No idea if it's accurate -- I'm sure it's just using a formula to calculate, I guess based on vCore and FSB.

    If you want to, I think you could probably increase your FSB if you run your memory at 3-3-3-6 instead of 2-2-2-6. I found that memory timing on my box had a huge impact on how high I could clock the FSB. As I recall, at 2.5-3-3-6 I could only run 190Mhz, and 2-3-3-5 required me to step all the way down to 165Mhz.
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    Yeah, I tried looser timings. Not to much luck. All though the specs say it's good for 370MHZ. Anything over 168 and I'm reseting cmos. So I stuck with the tight timings and low voltage. It is only pc3000. I all ready had 1 stick when I bought the board. So I matched it for the dual channel. I got my eye on the Tyan 9500pro. So I need to put off any other upgrades. Or they'll be imposible to find. Their pretty hard to find now. Thanks for the tip on Sandra. Didn't even think to check that. lol Although I use it for benching.
    [size=1.5]AMD 2100+ | Epox 8RDA+
    2x256KHX3000 | AreoFlow TMD
    Antec SmartBlue 350watt | 2 TT80mm case fans | WD 120gig
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