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well i got 500 mhz comp, with pretty decent upgrades,ram and vid card ect. how high can i overclock it, its an amd0k6 btw: . Im so f****n sick of this 500 mhz s**t and i would like to see it go higher. how doi do it, any support would be helpful
fill me in

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[b]well, first, id would help to have a description of your system.
Motherboard, ram, cpu vid card, etc
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[b]What make? If its a Comcrap Presario, you cant.
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[b]As I eventually found out there are ways to overclock some Compaq Presarios. Options are very limited but it can be done. First thing to do is to find out what motherboard that you are using and go from there. If ,in fact, you do have a Compaq the odds of getting a 500 to run at 650 are probably non existant.
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[b]Ram= 320 mb
Vid card =gf2 32 mb
cpu,M-board = AMD-k6 501 mhz
HARD drive = 10 gb [5] left
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[b]I've got a couple of these and 550-560MHz (5x110-112MHz) is pretty good for them but they do run hot and a standard SS7 HSF isn't likely to keep it cool. I use Socket A HSF's on mine (Duron grade) to keep them cool. Some have been know to get 600MHz but rarely are they stable at that speed.
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[b]I've only even increased the mhz by about 10%
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