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Thread: right value for overclock and clear cmos

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    I need to clear the cmos of my ASUS P4S333. It doesn't mentioned on the manual, also they says in the manual that

    "CPU Frequency Selection:
    The BUS clock multiplied by the Frequency Multiple equals the CPU's internal Frequency( the Advertised CPU Speed)"

    I am using Intel P4 1.8Ghz processor.

    And Cpu shows the following info.
    What is the right value on the above info for CPU Frequency selection.

    And I have ASUS P4S333 motherboard.

    The Last problem is in ASUS Probe, it doesn't shows the casing Fan Speed and CPU colling Fan speed (Power Fan and Chasis Fan), how to get this info in ASUS Probe (Using the latest ASUS Probe).

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    Well you could always remove the battery for a wee while. Usually there is a jumper either above or near the battery which you use to clear the cmos by changing its postion. With regards to Asus probe are using fans that have 3 wires? As one of them gives the speed of the fan.

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    actually I wanted to ask that I have updated the cmos by ASUS BIOS update utility. I want to put the original one back. So, if I removed the batter for a while or short that jumper, the original cmos will come back?

    doesn't undertand about the wires you talked about, are those chasis case wires? or something else?

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    well... you should always remember that you should save a copy of your older bios before updating it... usually if you use asus update utility, it would ask you to save the current bios before updating... as for the fan speed, have you installed the fans correctly? there should be a 3-pin connector on the mobo... one is for chasis fan and the other power fan... make sure your fan is also a 3-pin fan, cause one of the pin will give out the fan speed reading... and the power fan is NOT the cpu fan... the cpu fan has it`s own connector... might be a misconnected fan problem... and asus probe doesn`t always have to be accurate... check here for an alternative mobo monitor...
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