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Thread: cmos temps and probe temps different...

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    just wondering... which one should i believe...? the cmos temps or the probe temps... the cmos and probe temps have a 10-20C difference... and the cmos temps are higher...
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    I have the same setup and in my case the CMOS temperature reading is always lower than Probe. Don't know what to say except there is probably a large margin for error on these things and you should use the most conservative values while leaving yourself a fair amount of room for eroneous readings.

    These temperatures are really best use as a reference for your own purposes and don't have much use when comparing different systems.
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    Anal Probe has always been notorious for it's inaccuracies. :(

    MBM may help ya out. ;)

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    best way to know what your temps are is to hook up some hardware temp probes :thumb:
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