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Thread: OC Difficulties

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    This one's puzzling me.. About 2 weeks ago, I had my FSB up to 147 (highest I tried), ran stable for a few days, then I broke my cpu fan and put the FSB back due to using a crappy replacement...
    Just got my replacement TT SF2 & ductmod (which dosn't seem to be doing jack, btw), and now if I set my FSB higher *at all* (even to 134) in BIOS, it hangs on POST and then automatically resets itself back to 133... if I use Gigabyte's EasyTune windows GUI software, I can get it running somewhat stable at 137mhz (woohoo, 4mhz more FSB!), but *nothing* more.. it either reboots my system after a few minutes, or if I set it at 145+, it reboots while making the adjustments
    I've tried upping the voltage by .1, which aside from raising my CPU temp's by 3-5C, had no noticable effect on the stability... I'm at a bit of a loss as to why it worked fine before, but now insists on hanging even with an extremely minor increase
    I've got the necessities to unlock the CPU here now too, but I honestly don't see much point, if I have to drop the multiplier substantially to get even a very minor FSB increase... *scratches head*

    I'm running an XP2000+ w/Volcano9, TT Copper Shim, AS3 & Ductmod, on a Gigabyte GA-7VAXP w/1x512mb PC333 Samsung/Infineon, Enermax 430w PS, Saphire Radeon 9000 Pro 128mb @290/260 (for now, I had it at reg 275/250 while working on the FSB) w/CrystalOrb & AS3, no additional PCI cards (using integ audio/lan), 2xMaxtor 80gig 7200rpm's on an ATA-133 RAID-0 Stripe w/60gig Maxtor 5400rpm as general storage, in an AOpen HQ-08 full-tower.. fairly good airflow, 2x60mm Thermaltake exhausts behind CPU, 120mm top-exhaust, 2x60mm TT exhausts above the PS, 80mm bottom-front intake, and 3x40mm intake's (TT Hardcano2 and a dual-fan removable hdd rack), all rounded cables, properly tied back..
    System temp is around 30-33C, CPU Idle is ~38-42C, CPU Load is ~46-48C
    386 DX40, 4mb 80ns EDO RAM, .5mb Trident VGA, 120mb 2200rpm JTS HDD, SoundBlaster ISA, Zoltrix 2400bps modem, 2x Creative CDROM (tray loading), Panasonic 3.5" FDD/5.25" FDD, Samsung 14" UVGA Monitor


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    Toss the copper shim for starters as that holds heat around the core and is only required by ham fisted ppl who can't properly install a HSF. The only other thing that I can think of is ya Maxtor HDD's as I've known many of them not to tollerate the PCI bus bein' overclocked much and as a rarity that Enermax PSU maybe a little on the marginal spec side (has been known to happen but not often) and has degraded to a point that won't hold the overclock.

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