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Thread: Thanks for your guy's AMD unlocking guide!!!

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    while ago i asked how i could unlock my 1.4ghz amd athlon and found myself looking into this guide:

    with it i was able to do the pencil trick to connect my L1 bridges and now my 1.4 ghz has become a 1.544 ghz and maybe higher.

    thanks guys! :thumb:

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    I never got that pencil trick to work. Each time i tried, the comp would either not POST, or i woulndt be able to change Multiplier settings. I was thinking it was a BIOS problem, but after 3 days off trying i decided to give up :( :( . Maybe il try again today.

    EDIT: Okay, I re-tried OCing the comp. I was looking at the manual, and i noticed that you didnt actually have to unlock the CPU for this certain motherboard (check sig), But just had to change the jumper settings om JP2, JP3, and JP4 to 2-3. I started to do this, and then when i found JP4 wasnt were that manual said it was, looked over the board for a few minutes trying to find it. Since i couldnt find it, i just ignored it, and set the dip switches on the mobo to off-off-on-off, which would give me a multiplier of 9.5. I booted, and then, to my extreme joy, found that it had indeed booted to a Athlon K7 950. I then (after waiting 5 minutes to get temp readings), saved the settings in the BIOS, and set the dip switches for 10x. When i booted, i though i would have a nice K7 1 GHz processor, but instead, it deafualted its way back to 9x multi. So, then i flashed the BIOS with the dips still at the 10x, and it still booted as a 9x K7. Then, i tried the 9.5 again, and it booted to 950 ( : peace2: ). So then i tried and set the multipluer to the 11x mark, and it still is booting as a 950. Actually, im writing this with the dips at 11x but running at 950. So, do you think i will actually have to unlock the CPU to go past the 9's???????:?: :?:

    Thanks in advance:cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
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    Yea, youll prolly have to unlock it to go past that

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