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Thread: OC 'ing a P4 3.06 G Epox 800FSB

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    Hi guys,

    I have a P4 3.06G
    Epox 4pea800i (845pe)
    GeForce4 MX440 8x
    300W PSU

    When I first got the thing it ran at 133/2.0G (FSB/CPU)(multiplier15x). I run it at 200/3.0G now and the temp is still good
    max. 45 deg. C (CPU) max. 40 deg. C (system).

    It seems I cannot change the multiplier in the bios (Epox must've disabled changing it??) so when I want to get even 3G out of my 3.06 er, my FSB is 200Mhz.

    Sisoft is telling me that my memory and chipset (845pe) won't take it. I thought epox made the board to run at 800 FSB?? (which it is) My stick is:
    512Mb 16x(32M x8) PC2100-2533-750 (CL 2.5 upto 133Mhz) (CL2 upto 100Mhz).

    Sisoft tells me Max. FSB is 4 x 133Mhz and
    max. Mem speed is 2x166Mhz.

    My question is:
    Is my memory the problem? What memory should I think about getting? What is the main reason for unstable OCing (besides heat) Will the chipset cope? I think with a 3.06G P4 I should be able to run at 3.0 G??!!

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work.

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    For starters ya can't change the multiplier on Intel CPU's as they're factory locked. Next is, why in the hell are ya runnin' PC2100 when the minimum ya should be runnin' is PC3200 when PC3500+ is the go? :confused:

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