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Thread: AMD duron 800mhz can i overclock??

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    i have an AMD duron 800mhz processor, and im getting tired of its slow ass, would i be able to overclock it, i think my motherboard has a 200mhz fsb, thanks...

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    i dont think you have 200fsb unless its one of newer boards.
    You can OC it fine, but I just picked up a 1.4 Athlon for $15, so I dont think it would be worth it. But it mostly depends on what mobo/memory you got.
    If its a pc133 (sdram) mobo, I would strongly suggest gettin a DDR one. Even the kt333 kt400 chipset mobos can be picked up for less than 50bux.

    If you want more help OCing, post what other specs you got, that way we can help you out more. :cheers:

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