MXmai I want to say that to everyone... learn a little. Computing isn't always plug and play. AND OVERCLOCKING SHOULD NEVER BE.

My 1st suggestion before the RAM upgrade is a book called - The guide to Overclocking. It is great. It will explain a lot to you about what you are doing to your system, and WHY.
Why do you want to overclock?
It seems the ram upgrade isnt' a problem for you. So why not just buy a faster processor too, then you just overclocked!!!
A little reading never hurt anyone. It definetely will keep you FROM hurting your NEW machine though...

Just my 2 cents...

BTW - I bought the book myself, and I have been building computers for 10years on and off. I currently have 4 systems wirelessly networked. Yet I still had never fully got into OCing my systems. So when I decided, the FIRST thing was taught myself by reading off the web, buying the book, THEN trying out my new found knowledge.
I didn't learn a whole lot I didn't know, but I wanted to be SURE I knew exactly what I was doing. I still have questions. Yet I have the foundation and backround to substantiate my reasoning for asking a question, knowing it isn't something easily answered or in a FAQ.