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Thread: pelase help with my cpu and my ddr sync

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    I own a MSI K7N2 Dleta L MoBo with an Athlon XP 2000+ T-bred JIUHB 0318 and 2 Kingston DDR400 sticks.
    When i try to set the fsb of the processor to 200 so its syncronised with the memory my system hags and i have to put the fsb jumkper to safe mode (100mhz). I havent found the multiplier on the bios only something that gives me the option to set the fsb/dram ratio in 1:1, 2:3 and so. is this the multiplier? where can i lower the mutiplier in order to raise the fsb and keep my cpu running at its normal speed (1667 mhz)?

    thanx in advance for your replys, best regards

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    I dont know much about Overclocking and AMD Processor, but when increasing FSB, do it slowly or step by step, this way you'll see which settings is stable. What i think you did is, just increase the FSB to the highest as you could, is not how it goes. Increase FSB slowly by slowly +5 MHz will do i think.

    Anyway good luck!

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    When ya raise the FSB to the next divider level the multiplier usually requires ya to lower it so try a multipier of 8.5 to start with plus it also helps to raise the CPU's core voltage by 0.1v. :devil win

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