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Thread: Fuzzy Logic Question

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    Hey all, I'm fairly new to overclocking, but I was giving it a go when I noticed an unusual discrepency between what I had set my BIOS to and what Fuzzy Logic 4, a program that came with my motherboard that I use to monitor volatges and frequencies, said. When I had set the Vcore to 1.825V in the BIOS, FL4 came back to say that it was running at 1.865V. Upping it to 1.850V from the BIOS came back as 1.900V. I read in one of the OC guides here that voltages over 1.850V could be unsafe, but my main worry is that somehow the BIOS is not effecively controlling the voltages. Any ideas or is FL4 just full of crap?

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    I'd trust the Bios over that fuzzy thingy.. ;)


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    the bios reading is alot more accurate than the fuzzy logic programme as it (fuzzy logic) relies alot on guess work:thumb:
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    BIOS every time over the Fuzzy Logic, which doesn't work properly when tryin' other tricks like the Auto Booster and other buttons that either lock your machine or just plain don't work

    Mine was on an MSI6330 Ver5 BIOS AWARD3.36 :afro:
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