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Thread: help with overclocking my t-bred 2000

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    Quote Originally Posted by [size=6

    Well that leaves the board in question
    have you unlocked the Cpu L-1/ L-2 bridges ??
    This should allow you to change the multplier and bus speeds
    then you can rise the voltage up
    power pack should be atlest a 300 watt unit
    If all else fails get a Asus or Other top board
    M8 ya obviously one big fool not to realise that Thoroughbred and Barton cored Athlons do not need to be modded to unlock them when combined with an nForce2, KT400, KT400A or KT600 based mobo (in this case a Thoroughbred/nForce2 combo). :rolleyes2

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    The Motherboard will be unlocking the cpu automtically. Hence the ability to OC in the bios. Try making small steps of multiplier first with the memory at stock. Make sure the PCI and AGP buses are locked at stock speeds too. Adjust the Vcore after you encounter instability, to see if that helps. If is won't get higher multis after that, take a step back on the mem setting. I'm sure there are others with different methods and more experience who can skip some steps, but it's best to start slowly in the beginning. :thumb:

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