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Thread: Unlocking?

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    IMHO Is the Art of unlocking a cpu dead or just the skills ones needs R Hmmmm ??
    I use a jeweler for my unlocking skills on cpu.
    they have the better equpment to see with lol
    when this person asked what unlocking a cpu was
    every one ran away shouting Buy this or that mother Board
    it will do it 4 you rotf
    to un lock a AMD athlon Just close the L-1 Bridges and the L-2 Bridges this is y i use a jeweler
    8 little contacts have to be made
    Not buy this or that
    But the mother boards mfg plays a key rule in getting the O/c ing to work better
    OLD! AmD 1.33 266 internal Bus
    384Mb Pc133 Micron cas3
    Asus Kt133Mb- S.B.PCI 512
    G-Force 2 Ti 128MbDDR
    System Upgrade on StandBy.
    Well hell its 5 yrs Old Bult Bak When

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    Brian508 again ya post is greatly inaccurate as only Thunderbird and Palamino cored Athlons use the L1 trick (I don't know what ya expect to do with the L2 though) as the Thoroughbred and Barton cores use the L3 bridges. I commented elsewhere about ya useless replies.

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    IMHO the Art of makin Smacktards is very siple.
    You just use words don't match and Capitalise
    words start sentences new Lines
    Sense, Make none.
    Sounds like poet at times, badly Made hiku
    Speeling erors aplenty Forum smktrd ye shall be

    EDIT: I especially love people that lie about their age on their profiles...

    *Sorry for the thread hi-jack. Carry on*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riv3n
    I hear that you have to "unlock" some CPU's in order to overclock them. I'm getting an AMD Athlon XP 2500+ with a Barton core and I plan on overclocking it... will I have to unlock it? Is is easy? How do I do it? :scream:
    Unlocking a Barton is far from easy and unnecessary with the Mobo you've chosen, which is as it should be. If you're going to acquire a current model cpu, one should start with a current model board as well. The rest goes without saying. ;)

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    Unlocking the chip is a pain in the ass. To me, it ain't worth it. You're definitely better off getting a board that does the unlocking automatically.

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