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Thread: Lowering voltage 4 cooling

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    Can lowering the voltage for your cpu cause any damage. I lowered my AMD Athlon XP 2500+ from down to 1.400V and it worked fine, nice and stable at 22c. Thinking that this could allow overclocking, i cranked the FSB. It didn't work. Now my PC won't even do the POST at normal speed. Any comments?

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    Undervolting the CPU can actually hartm the CPU i believe, And when you overclock, your gonna need to up the why undervolt?

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    22c is pretty damn cool!! You don't need to be that cool. As long as it stays below 50C you have no problems and it can run even hotter than that if necessary for short periods.

    Since 2500+ CPUs are less than $100 these days it's not a huge risk in the grand scheme of things to mess around with it. :D

    On that particular CPU it defaults to 1.65 Volts but a good rule is to keep it no higher than 1.75 Volts with adequate cooling. I see no purpose in lowering the voltage.
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