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Thread: Nebie needs help

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    well that idea will have to take a back seat then out of work at the moment i got the Akasa after a post for advice !
    was told all was ok :thumbs do

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    Okay, If possible, slap a bigger fan on that HS. Also, make sure the point of the HS clip is right on top of the CPU core. Tho I yhink if you get some deceent case cooling, thattll help your CPU temp a bunch. (1-2 intake in the front, 1-2exhaust in back, maybe an intake on the side if possible, It also helps to have a little more intake than exhaust) When your CPU temps are around 35-40C at stock, than Id say you can attempt to overrclock it

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    Cheers for your time bud will try that out, first time on here after been told about this site, will be back again

    Cheers Steve:cheers:

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    The fact that ur hsf is silver coated shouldnt be a problem, in fact it should slightly improve its cooling properties since silver is the only metal with a higher thermal conductivity than copper,. table of thermal conductivities U should still definitely try to slap a bigger fan on like AMD_man said, that should definitely help ur temps :thumb: :cheers:

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    sorry guys the temps i quoted were when i was running seti :o

    with that off :eek: :eek:

    temp is down to 44/45 cpu
    and case 38

    some data to look at

    Processor #1 : AMD Athlon XP (Model 8) / A0446B3B
    Platform : Socket A (Socket 462)
    Vendor String : AuthenticAMD
    CPU Type : Original OEM Processor (0)
    Family : 6 (7)
    Model : 8 (8)
    Stepping ID : 1 (1)
    Brand : ----
    APIC : ----
    HT Log.CPU Cnt : ----
    Name String : AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2400+

    Internal Clock : 2004.54 MHz
    System Bus : 267.27 MHz DDR
    System Clock : 133.64 MHz
    Multiplier : 15.0

    L1 I-Cache : 64K Byte
    L1 D-Cache : 64K Byte
    L1 T-Cache : ----
    L1 Cache : ----
    L2 Cache : 256K Byte
    L2 Speed : 2004.54 MHz (Full)

    MMX Unit : Supported
    SSE Unit : Supported
    SSE2 Unit : Not Supported
    MMX2 Unit : Supported
    3DNow! Unit : Supported
    3DNow!+ Unit : Supported

    Host Bridge : 10DE:01E0.C1 [NVIDIA nForce2]
    South Bridge : 10DE:01EB.C1 [NVIDIA nForce2 MCP]
    VGA Device : 1002:5159.00 [ATI RADEON 7000/RADEON VE]
    Memory Size : 512M Byte
    Memory Clock : ----


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