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Thread: Best Motherboards For Oc Athlons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiggo
    The KT133 in most cases was lucky to get to 108MHz in most cases though a few could get a bit more. :smokin:
    106 rock stable - 108 wobbly - 112 no boot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Penguinfreak

    106 rock stable - 108 wobbly - 112 no boot.
    Before I installed my GeForce 3 Ti 200, I had it stable at 115.
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    I've got the Abit KT7A with the KT133a chipset, ver. 1.1 board. I'm soon swaping it out for the 1.3 board (probably monday or tuesday... sunday here). My daughter is getting my old motherboard, and processor and a new case. All she has is a Shuttle HOT 591P with an AMD K6III 450 chip. Works ok, but she's wanting to play some games on it and it's a bit slow (she's 8 now), and wants to run them on my computer..

    BTW I run an AMD Athlon 1000 at 1333 with 1.75 core volt. It's an AXIA "Y" is ya know what I mean. *S* I've run it to 14**, cant' remember the settings now as it was part FSB and part multiplier.. SEE!! that happens when you get old and decrepid! LOL

    Anyway, It runs at 1333 alright with a copper HS, with dual fans. runs at around 38 deg. C idle and 44 to 45 working some. I cut a hole in the side of the case directly above the processor HS/FAN combo and installed an 80mm fan there blowing down,( with finer guard.. ouch! *S*). Inside i got cheap and taped a McDonalds cup using duct tape to around the side case fan and cut it off so that it is just above the fan for the processor. Brings in cooler outside air and forces it down via the McDonald cup, over the processor HS. Actually if the CPU/ HS/FAN quit, there's still enough of an airflow into my case over the HS from this auxilary fan to allow one to shut down before burn up.. tested it one day and unplugged the cpu fan on purpose. Warms up to about 60 degrees F and levels out there.. Too how for my liking but way under the max allowable value set by AMD of 95.

    Well, I got to give the Athlon XP a try as it's comming in for the Version 1.3 board. I like Abit very well as it allows voltage settings, FSB settings, FSB tweak adjustmets, and multiplier settings, by "user defined". Abit is also good at keeping their bios updated at their website and DO differentiate between the 1.1 version and 1.3 version. has them now for $86.00 NEW and refurbished once in a while for a bit less. My wife runs an Abit KT7A ver 1.3 we got refurbished and it's a reallhy stable MB.

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    This is just me, but the best board i have seen for OCing is the trusty Abit KG7. I have a KG7, and my friend has a EPOX with a KT266a chipset. We have the same processors and heatsinks, but I have been able to push my board a good 10mhz past his top Front side bus(His:159, Mine:170). and I beat him on mem bandwidth. This is just by my experience, but the KG7 is a powerful board.
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    Me and my friends all like the epox boards for extreme overclocking, but for just a little overclock you can get just about any board with a via kt266a chipset;)
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    pretty much any kt266a board will be fine....the mai thing to watch out for are capacitators near cpu socket which can limit your heatsink options...especially if u luv big mofos like me:afro:

    bcos the kt266a is a performance chipset basically any mobo using it will have reasonable tweakability for vcore ram voltage etc
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