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Thread: How to overclock Athlon XP2000+

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    I have a problem, I've read many articles about overclocking Athlons, but none of them seems to work. Whenever I change the multiplier my pc fails to boot.
    My cpu is: AthlonXP2000+ Palomino. HELP!!!

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    bad chose of cpu my friend

    the xp2000+ pan is i think, the worst overclocking cpu. the cpu generates too much heat, making OCing very hard.

    you can try to rise the FSB by 2mhz at a time, untili the post wont show, then lower the fsb by 1 until the computer gets stable. Try not to rise the vcore.
    My new gaming rig..

    [size=1.28]asus a78nx-deluxe
    2x256mb pc 3200 ddr 400.(with cooling)
    athlon Xp 2500+ ( at 200x10=2000mhz .)
    seagate 80gb 8mb SATA
    Tt vlocano 7+ cpu cooling
    Clear case from HK.
    Leaktek fx5600 128mb
    enermax 350w PSU
    wireless internet setup[/size]

    (game/ftp server) windows xp pro, duron 1.4ghz, 256mb pc 2100 2x40gb Hd, radeon 9200se chieftec dragon
    canada price watch :)

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    I overclocked both my Pali's just fine.
    They do generate a little more heat but that is fine, just watch your temps, and make sure you have an aftermarket HSF.

    Does your computer shutdown after about 4-5seconds?

    If so, it is most likely due to heat. Which brings me to my next question, which HSF do you have?
    Also, have you unlocked the CPU? OR Do you have an nForce board?

    What multi are you at now, and what FSB are you running?

    The rest of the specs of your machine would help.


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    I believe that if you have a palamino core you have to manually unlock the cpu before you can change the multiplier settings, I believe there are instructions for unlocking in TT's AMD oc'ing guide. :cheers:

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