hello everybody,
i'm new to this forum and i'd like to ask a question about this mobo:
first, i bought a "faulty" intel 1500 p4 cpu from ebay, that works very well, however, it is marked as being 1.75 volts, and reports on all the system checking programs,(fresh diagnose, belarc, sandra, etc.) as 1.50 volts. this mobo allows cpu voltage settings of +/- .10 volts from cpu spec. so, when set to default of 1.75, it acts as overclocked and freezes and crashes frequently, but when i set it as low as it allows,(1.65v) it is 95%better, but does anyone know how i can lower the cpu voltage to say1.50 or anywhere below the 1.65v limit? also i think this is why my system clock keeps gaining time? thanks ...........brian