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Thread: Overclock Athlon XP1600+ (266Mhz)

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    Ok, hello everyone. I just got a new system but had to keep my old Athlon 1600+ XP Processor after shelling out 110 quid just on 2X256 DDR 3200 Kingston HyperX memory (yes it is dual channel and 400Mhz)

    I have now:
    Gigabyte 7N400 Pro nForce2 Ultra
    2X256 3200 DDR Dual channel ram
    Geforce FX5200 128MB DDR (the cheap one, cost 50 quid inc VAT)

    I would like to get my Athlon XP to run faster, does anyone know what the exact FSB Speed or multiplier setting should be, after trying to increase the FSB already once, my pc would not boot until I reset the power supply, then it went back to 133Mhz, although my memory is still running at 400Mhz and dual channel enabled

    Any advice will be much appreciated


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    I try to keep it at stock speeds (or close to) then see how high i can get my fsb...when i find the fsb limit thats when i start going to raise the multiplier usually in increments of .5 (maybe 1 at the beginning). so in your case i'd start out trying for 166x8.5=1411mhz, then see if your stable there then if you want to try to push it to 200 fsb lower the multiplier to 7 and bump up your fsb.( i don't know if the 1600+ paly's can do 200 or not).
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    Ah, you need to set your RAM to run sync with the FSB, its not runningin sync with it ATM. and as for overclocking, Id up the FSB 5mhz at a atime untill it wont boot, then up the vCore some.

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