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Thread: jumperfree mode???

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    Default the bios on my P4S800 mobo (not sure how good that was it was just the only option when i bought it from in advance chipset features the 1st 4 fields are cpu speed (manual/2400) clock multiplier (locked) fsb (200-260...intels are quadpumped so its really 800fsb and up) and then its like voltage and memory frequency. but over on the side it says to make changes to the 1st 4 fields, which includes multiplier, i have to be in jumperfree mode. no idea how to get into jumperfree mode. i can make changes to all the 1st 4 fields except the multiplier, so maybe im already in jumperfree mode...and ive just got a locked ass processor i dunno some one help me out im stumped. thanks boy

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    You cannot change the multiplier on an Intel processor unless you have an ES (Engineering Sample).

    Jumperfree settings are where you will find your CPU and DDR Frequency settings and voltages. However, you have an SiS chipset and overclocking capabilities will be limited compared to the P4P800 (865 Springdale) or P4C800 (875 Canterwood) chipsets.

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