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Thread: Good 2600+ o/c?

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    Soulburner is just jealous. He thinks he is the man in his own mind.
    If anybody has something better, he gets mad.

    Especially when I pulled #'s right behind him in benchmarks he didn't want to discuss the cost per system and the #'s.

    Soulburned, your system is nice. Leave it at that. You worry too much about [email protected]#%ing benchmarks.

    Who in the [email protected]#% disables everything possible to get the highest benchmarks possible? Do you disable all the crap everytime you play a game or whaatever?

    Benchmarks are cool, but who really gives a ****. Your system works, its nice, and does what it needs to.

    Or is this the little dick(ijnsecurity) syndrome? I drive a Ferrari to make up for a lack of things in other areas?

    RELAX..............these are computers. Not your lifes worth.

    Personality, friendship, comroderie, and being humble go a long way................

    I lost two things that mean more than any materialistic thing in the world to Mother burned to death in a fire, and my Uncle couldn't stand the emotional pain and burned himself to death.
    So #'s, being the best, having the fastest computer in the whole scheme of life doesn't mean anything.
    There is something to be said for people being humble, thankful everyday for what they do have, and sharing those experiences iwth others. Whether it be with people on the net , or 'real" friends, famil ect.

    Being the BEST to me, means being the best person I can, helping others being the best they can be. The friends I chose to have are the ones that make me want to be a better person.
    Cause in life, that is really all that matters when it boils down to it.

    This isn't meant for just soulburner. This is just something I feel pertains to everyone. Just because you don't have the fastest, latest, and greatest system out there doesn't meana thing.
    Once something no longer becomes fun, what is the point.
    Do the best with what you have, and be happy and proud of whwat you do have and what you have done.
    Computers are supposed to be fun. This forum is supposed to be fun. Not a competition. It is here to exchange knowledge. To share you your kknowledge tips and tricks so everyone can have even more fun with thier computers.
    There is one thing that seperates someone from having the best computer out there................MONEY. Instead of that, this forum is here to show people that don't have all that MONEY, how to get the best out of thier computer and have FUN.
    NOBODY LEARNED THIS **** ON THEIR OWN. SOMEONE SOMEWHERE SHOWED THEM HOW. ITS CALLED THE EXCHANGE OF KNOWLEDGE. SOMEWHERE ALONG THE LINE IT SEEMS LIKE PEOPLE NOW DON'T WANT TO SHARE THAT KNOWLEDGE FOR FEAR WON'T BE "TOP DOG". Guess what, the top dog in my book is the guy who spends his time and knowledge helping others get the best out of their computing experience and not bragging about how they have the best computer and how thier computer could whoop so n so's computer. Who the **** cares. Are you going to have a computer war. NOOOOOOOOOOO. So share knowledge. Be happy for those people who just got some money and are all excited to finally be able to get that Geforce 2 MX400. Then help them learn how to overclock it to get the best performance they can.
    /end of rant..........


    PS If you made it this far. I NEED your help. I posted in the rading post section if those of you out there might be able to help a fellow avid computer lover. Thanks for taking the time to read if ou did so. And PM if you have the parts I need for sale or trade.

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    very well said and cheers to ya chez :cheers: *pats his "POS 2 year old Dell"*
    Modified Dell 8200 Case:
    -400MHz FSB i850 Intel mobo
    -P4 Williamette Socket 478, 1.9GHz
    -768MB 16-bit PC800 RDRAM
    -MSI GF4 Ti4200 128MB @ 284/581
    -7200 RPM Maxtors: 60GB (2MB) on mobo and 160GB (8MB) on ATA/133 PCI Card
    -Creative Inspire T7700 7.1 Speaker System on an Audigy 2
    -Windows XP Home Edition SP2

    Rock on : peace2: , MiStA K6

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chezman29
    :rofl: that's a great line, I'm going to have to remember that. :laugh:
    I've gone too far and need to move on!

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    i used paint to type in the multi, fsb, and bus speed...

    and to think i went away from futuremark cuz of *******s like u....
    |[email protected]|Ti4600|ASUS A7V8X|512mb CORSAIR3200XMS|
    |120gb MaxtorHD 8mb,7200rpm|19" Sony CRT;G420;[email protected]|

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    I am new to all the forums... and new to OCing, but I don't care who has what, I would just like to learn more about computers and OCing...

    Thanks for anyone that offers advice.
    My system:

    Win XP PRO
    Athlon XP 2600 ( OC - 2.340)
    Asus A7V8X
    GeForce FX 5900 Ultra 256meg (OC - 500/900)
    1024 Kingston PC 2700 (OC - 360)
    2 - 40 gig WD 7200rpm (RAID 0)
    120 gig USB 2.0 Drive
    19" Viewsonic A90f+ Ultrabrite
    Cable Internet

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    Wow Chez!!

    Been wanting to say that for some time. I was losing interest in these forums because of all the negativity from just a few overly competitive individuals. This forum is about sharing experience and knowledge with each other. A little bragging is cool as long as you don't slam others in the process. Accusing someone of outright lying is just crossing the line. Chez hit the nail on the head and I for one am more impressed with someone who gets a 40% boost on a two year old $500 system than someone who gets a 20% boost on a top of the line $1500 system.

    The numbers posted by Rage710 wether they be photoshoped in or not are pretty much on par with the capabilities of a good batch of 2600s and there is no reason to presume he is lying. Nice overclock there!

    Wordbiker: I run my 2500+ at those specs also and I am running only a little warmer so with any error that is inherent in the temperature monitor it looks like you are still running a kick ass overclock on that Barton....nice work! :thumb:
    ASUS A7N8X Deluxe, Athlon Barton 2500+ with SLK-800 and 4800rpm 80mm fan, ATi 9700Pro(AIW), Dual 256MB Corsair XMS 3200c. Seagate Barracuda SATA. 200MHz fsb with 11X multiplier, RAM latency: 2,2,2,5

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    Hey thanks Woody! :thumb: I owe it to all the folks here at TweakTown.
    I also agree with Chez's sentiments, though I might not have put it as bluntly. I started "hanging out" here at TweakTown as a total newb to system building, much less overclocking and tweaking. It was the good nature and helpful encouragement of the folks here that brought me along quickly and got me hooked on building systems, though mine are modest in price as it's all I can afford. I know I can't afford the best system, and I'm fine with that. Personally, I feel that investing in cutting edge hardware for the sake of bragging rights and to rub it in others' faces is a huge waste of money, and typically only lasts for 6 months in any case. If you've been rubbing it in over those 6 months, you're also not likely to have many friends once it's over, and you're likely to be broke. Let's face it....we are almost all here as a hobby, but even those here that are working in the computer industry share the wealth of their knowledge and experience, and if you look at their personal systems, most are not cutting edge, as they know better and tweak what would be considered lesser hardware to compete with the upper echelon, without getting raped on the rapid depreciation of the most expensive parts. How smart and how cool is that?! :afro: To me the essence of overclocking and tweaking is the use of knowledge and skill applied in the place of handfuls of cash. Sharing that knowledge with others, no matter where they are at financially, experientially or in knowledge is what brought me here and keeps me coming back. I personally will do my best to keep that purity here. Cheers brothers and sisters :cheers:
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    Chezman29, may I ask what the hell all this jargon has to do with the topic of this thread? And what was done to provoke it? :confused:

    I said the EXACT SAME THING several other people did, and you attack ME? I think you need to attack them all as well, seems they all agreed with me on that one. Better get typing. :rolleyes2.

    FX5900 - 3DMark2001 [20,566] - 3DMark2003 [7,281] - Aquamark3 [56,694]
    Ti4400 - 3DMark2001 [16,028]

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    Well Soulburner, Chez isn't a mod where'd ya get the cool SPAM nick? :confused:
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    Revenge is just a respawn away....Pagosa LAN Parties

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    If ppl had read Rage710's 1st post properly then ya's would've realised that he said that he added info to the screenshot that was missin'. :rolleyes2

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