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Thread: guess what... overclocking!

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    Sep 2003


    Hi folks,

    I'd like to know how much I can still overclock my cpu to obtain max performance.
    computer configuration's below

    Os: Windows Xp Pro SP1
    Motherboard: Giabyte P4 Titan (GA-8STXC)---> chipset sis645DX
    Memory: 512 Mb Pc2100 @ 333Mhz
    Cpu: Pentium 4 [email protected] 2.66Ghz ( fsb 400Mhz --->533Mhz)
    cooling fans: cooler master silence @3000rpm + case fan
    HD: maxtor 40Gb @5400rpm
    Graphic adapter: hercules 3d prophet 9800pro 128Mb( not overclocked )
    power supply 230V... guess it's ok.
    I've also got 2 cd burners and a 5.1 sound card from terratec.
    Motherboard: 25C
    Cpu: 47-53C
    HD: 37-40C
    Room Temperature: 25C

    thanks for the attention.

    p.s. i've attached a picture ( i know it's horrible but it's the best I could do) that shows how my hardware is disposed.

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    nice pic :rofl:

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    Well each processor has a different max overclock so each processor is a bit of a gamble. The best thing to do is to keep going up until it becomes unstable then g back to a setting to which was stable. Although i doubt you will get much more out of that processor as that is a very good overclock:thumb:
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    thanks guys :)

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    If that lower front fan is suckin' air outa the case then turn it around and ya temps should drop a bit. Heat rises which is why cool air comes in low in the case and hot air goes out high in the case.

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    oh bah, wiggo beat me to it... :p
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    -7200 RPM Maxtors: 60GB (2MB) on mobo and 160GB (8MB) on ATA/133 PCI Card
    -Creative Inspire T7700 7.1 Speaker System on an Audigy 2
    -Windows XP Home Edition SP2

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    u need better ram my friend. at pc2100 u wont be able to OC that much. get pc2700 or even pc3200 if u can (a 130 dollar canadian upgrade). then, u can start to rise that FSB.

    also, if u can, get a top fan blowing the hot air out of the case. cause as wiggo said, hot air will try to go up. without a fan, it makes it a lot harder for the hot air to get out. try to get a good fan with good CFM so all that ari can be gone.

    have fun with OC, justing remeber to test the computer out each time to see if the computer is stable. because u never want a burnt CPU do u? hehe
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    Tt vlocano 7+ cpu cooling
    Clear case from HK.
    Leaktek fx5600 128mb
    enermax 350w PSU
    wireless internet setup[/size]

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    I would get an exhaust fan by the CPU, there is usually a place to put it under the PS. And definetely get that front fan blowing are choking your system for air.

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    Thanks Soulburner, temperature has dropped of 2
    Alfred's PC: Cpu: Pentium 4 Northwood 2.0Ghz (FSB 400Mhz) @ 2.8Ghz ( 27-35C)
    Ram: 512 Ddr pc 2100 @ 333 Mhz
    VPU: Hercules 3d prophet 9800Pro
    Audio: terratec 5.1
    HD: Maxtor 80GB S-ATA ( WindowsXP Pro SP1)
    Maxtor 40GB IDE ( Windows 2000 - Mandrake 10 )
    Apple iPOD 10GB
    Mb: asus p4p800 deluxe
    Alfred's PC 2: AMD athlon 1500+ palomino 1.33Ghz ( can't oc cuz mobo's crappy)
    ram: 512 pc133
    gpu: stupid GeForce 2 MX/MX 400
    HD: Maxtor 60 Gb IDE
    OS: Windows XP Home
    Alfred's Crappy laptop
    Toshiba satellite 1620CDS
    HD: new Samsung 40Gb
    OS: windows 2000, freebsd 5.0

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    Exactly what is the question? I am assuming that the specs are what it is currently running at. If so, a 33% oc is just fine(more than most get)as Rugbydude said. And the mem, is it @166 from 133? or is that what you want. If thats what it's runnin at, if it aint broke don't fix it. Sometimes we get lucky with ram. If it's not, don't be disappointed if you need pc2700 166/333 to obtain 333 or a bit higher.
    As for the r9800pro, I use the hercules 3d tweaker for my card with wonderful results and since it's meant for your peticular brand of card I would recomend trying it.
    And I would recomend more intake as well as exhaust like a 80-92mm on the side blowing on the agp and pci cards and a 80-92mm exhaust in back.(actually cut a hole, don't just mount it as not much air gets through those tiny holes). And free up some airflow on that front intake if it needs it.
    I have the same hd, hows the heat output of it? Mine used to get a bit warm/hot. You may want to look at a faster primary drive for that setup as it may yield better all around performance. For me, a faster drive won't do much for my setup.(just an idea),replacing hardware for small amounts of gain is usually a bad thing to do, not very economical either. If you need more drivespace anyway then bonus, use the old one for slave.:thumb:
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    samsung dvdrw
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