dont really care much about features:

will be getting a sound blaster audigy 2 platinum - so i wont need big onboard sound

mainly what i want is onboard usb2.0, firewire, lan. thats pretty much it.

my gigabyte now has a 5.1 onboard sound, onboard raid, sata, and a ton of other stuff.


i am also in dire need of good memory, i would like to get some GeIL DDR RAM 512MB PC-3200 400Hz. i'll probably get 2 sticks of this so i have a nice 1 gig of ddr pc3200


well after checking through the featurs i wont be getting the epox
and the one i want most is asus and next is the abit. but you are right they are all great boards


the nforce uses a 'sync' so when i get my athlon xp 2800, it will be at 333 fsb, meaning ddr333 will work best with it. ??? does this mean it would be better to go with ddr 333 over ddr 400 ???