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Thread: must...go...faster....!!!

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    well, i dont see how a 3.245 @ 3.245 is SLOWER then a 2.4 @3.245, but what im getting at, is when they pick chips out of the wafer and they test them, the ones that work more efficiantly are picked for the higher clocks, so THEORETICLY a 3.2 SHOULD have more head room, then a 2.4 not saying a 3.2 can go to 4.5 but it should have slightly less impact on other components, like right now i got my ram at 1101 fsb(275x4) where with a 3.0 i could turn down the fsb to say 250 and my ram should live longer or work better...i never had a real gnarly OC'd system b4 so i dont know... anbyone know if FASTER ram is commin out soon? pc4200, pc4400?? or r they just jumping to ddr2 specs?
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    It looks like Intel isn't binning according to the max speed like AMD does. I see just as many 2.4's hitting 3.6 as I have 3.2's hitting 3.6. With the 2.4 though you can get a much higher bus speed for the same clock, so obviously it will be faster.

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    It's all about the FSB. You explained how at 3.3ghz you have a FSB of 275, or quad pumped 1100. A stock CPU has 200fsb which is 800 quad pumped. This is correct, and that is why its faster.

    Since the Frontside Bus speed is the rate at which your processor communicates with other board components such as memory, your memory bandwidth is increased substantially. Not to mention the fact that if you have fast enough memory you can run that at 275mhz too, (1:1) giving even more bandwidth power.

    It is the same principle with AMD lower the multiplier to obtain a higher FSB for better performance at the same clock speed.

    And by the way, we already have RAM that can do DDR600 with a bit of voltage. It's called OCZ ownage :thumb:.

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