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Thread: FSB w/PC2700 RAM

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    Am I doing this right?... I have a 333 FSB and I have it up to 360 now with PC2700 ram. I am a little confused... will my ram not support the 360 FSB because it is only 333?

    What I have and what I am doing:

    AMD Athlon Thoroughbred 2600
    Asus A7V8X (KT400) 333 FSB
    1 Gig Kingston PC2700 DDR (2-2-2-6)
    Raid 0 with 2 40 Gig WD 7200rpm w/2meg Cache
    GeForce FX 5900 Ultra 256meg
    Raidmax Scorpio w/ 5 fans
    Antec 430 watt Power Supply
    Thermaltake Volcano 9 CPU fan

    factory - 2083 meg
    OC - 2250meg

    Multiplier 12.5
    FSB 180/36
    VCore 1.825v

    Runs real stable and cool (idle 42c, load 48c)
    My system:

    Win XP PRO
    Athlon XP 2600 ( OC - 2.340)
    Asus A7V8X
    GeForce FX 5900 Ultra 256meg (OC - 500/900)
    1024 Kingston PC 2700 (OC - 360)
    2 - 40 gig WD 7200rpm (RAID 0)
    120 gig USB 2.0 Drive
    19" Viewsonic A90f+ Ultrabrite
    Cable Internet

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    It's rated at 166MHz (DDR333) due to the type and speed of memory chips used though most will exceed their rating but by how much can vary from stick to stick (it seems that ya were lucky and got a good lot). Ya likely to get a bit more out of it though ya'll likely have to lower the timings to extract it.

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    if you want to OC more, get pc3200 memory which runs 200FSB. But you might not get to 200FSB as next thing thats going to limit you is the KT400
    But getting 180FSB out of pc2700 is very good :thumb:

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    Funny thing is that memory you've got may be capable of up to 200FSb at CAS 2. Mobo may be your bottleneck right now. 180 fsb is often as far as the A7V8X would go:tears:
    3544mhz 295FSB
    2.4C P4C800-E
    KHXPC3200 234mhz
    22254 Ghettocooled
    22532 3DM01

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    I just got this off a web site that tested some Kingston pc2700 and this was the results and timings they used. Ok here it is so you can check the platform. They're using 512mgb's not 1gig but it is the same MOBO. Good luck.
    [size=1.5]AMD 2100+ | Epox 8RDA+
    2x256KHX3000 | AreoFlow TMD
    Antec SmartBlue 350watt | 2 TT80mm case fans | WD 120gig
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