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Thread: barton 2800+ with asus a7n8x wont pass 205 fsb!

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    first of all, hi i'm new here
    i've been browsing this forums for a bout a month, and i decide to join today cause i ran into a prob in overclocking (i start overclocking 1 month ago, so go esy on me :p )

    k, i tried to ask this prob of mine in other forums forum and overclockers forum. but i got few reply and i'm really desperate about this. so i'm gonna copy paste my post on the other forums, sorry but its too long to write all over again

    hi guys, i'm new here although i've been visiting this forum for about a month. i'm trying to overclock my comp with asus a7n8x 2.0 non deluxe, but it seems that it can go over 205 fsb stable. if i go pass 205 i always get shut down, freeze, or even no POST.sometimes i can run 3dmark 2001 up to 5 times in a row no probs, but when i play games/ running cinema 4d/3d studios max it keeps doing those thing.

    here's my system specs (i tried as details as possible, let me know if you need more):

    asus a7n8x 2.0 with bios version 1006 (newest)
    amd 2800+ barton vcore: 1.650 (default) i run it @1.700 when i change the fsb to 200 otherwise it wont run stable
    hsf: alpha 8045 with thermaltake smartfan 2 @3100 rpm with artic silver 3
    case: antec 1000 plusview with 5 8 cm fans (cooler master led fans) + 1 12 cm papst as blow hole on top of the case ( i dremmel my case :p)

    2x 512 mb kingston hyperx 3500 on dual channel mode
    atm running on 7-3-3-2T (default timing)

    club 3d radeon 9700 pro with zalman heat pipe cooler (zm 80c)

    soundblaster audigy oem
    psu: qtec (cheap psu) 550 watt dual fan gold here's the writting on the psu:

    +3.3 v: 30a(peak), 20a(max)
    +5v: 40a (peak), 35a (max)
    +12v: 20a (peak), 14a (max)
    -5v: 1a (peak), 0.5a (max)
    -12v: 1a (peak), 0.5a (max)

    i'm pretty sure its not overheating prob cause here's my temp from bios and probe (they read it the same, so its accurate i think)
    idle (i turn it on and leave it for 15 mins): case: 25-27 centigrade and cpu: 36-38 centigrade

    full load( i'm playing age of mythology/using cinema4d for around 1 hour): case: 26-28 centigrade and cpu: 39-42 centigrade

    so i think heat isnt a prob right?

    what i did was lowering the cpu multiplier to 9.5 (i was trying to go to 9 but it says 9/17x on the bios, so i wont take a chance running it on 17x multiplier : ). and then i start at 180 fsb and running memtest86 (i d/l the lattest patch).

    it works no prob and i increase the fsb at 3mhz up to 204 fsb. after that i increase the fsb at 2mhz at a time.

    starting 206, i had random error running memtest86 but i managed to run it to 208 with 1 error out of 3 memtest.
    so i back up to 205 (and run memtest 3 times without prob. k so i guess thats my motherboard limits??
    i was wondering cause i've seen people goes up to 230 fsb.

    ok, so then i start to add the multiplier from 9.5 and run 3dmark 2001 (i tried 3dmark03 at first, but it seems i can even run it @ 210 fsb soi assume 3dmark03 rely to heavy on gpu) everytime (i run only the 4 games tests 5 times on loop) . i reached 10.5x205 (2152.5) without prob. but when i reached 11x205 (2255) i encounter random reboot/frezee/drop to desktop during 3dmark2001.

    ok then i raise the vcore from 1.700 to 1.725 and it still getting error. but when i reach 1.750 it runs stable. oh and my ram timing now is 9-4-4-2T (i choose optimal timing on bios)

    so my max oc is from 2075 (2800+) to 2255 (cpuid reads my cpu as 3200+ now). how can i get higher??
    and what do you think i should be able to run my machine stable? i know noone can be sure about it cause all component overclock differently, but just an approximate will be good.

    btw, i even try to use uber bios 1004 but it makes my comp unstabble somehow then i go to 1006 (from asus).

    wow, thats a long write up, pls respond and give me any info where i went wrong and some suggestions will be most welcome.

    i think the only thing that holding me back is my psu? i'm thinking of getting antec truepower 550 (i know its kinda overkill, but no store near my place have the 480 or 430 in stock atm). but i really want to know if its gonna help or not cause its very expensive (140 euro ).

    thanks in advance all,

    answer from someone at

    a few pointers:

    1.75 vcore isnt very high, and id set it upto 1.85v before calling the o/c unstable (especially since your temps arnt that high).

    vdimm, you will most likely need to increase that to run at high fsb, ive got mine set to 2.9v to reach 230fsb. (but dont jump the gun and go for that st8 away, try 2.6, then 2.7 etc).

    just because memtest runs with no errors doesnt mean your system will be stable, download prime95 (google it) which stresses the cpu and memory, if prime fails very quickly (within the 1st couple of tests) then you know your system is pretty unstable.

    Make sure you turn off any agp/cpu/ spread spectrum features in the bios.

    Set your memory timings manually so set it to 9-4-4-2T without choose optimal, i dont know if this is the case with asus, but with my abit, setting optimal or whatever hinders the o/c.

    my answer:
    arghhhhhhh, i'm going insane
    well, i tried to up the vcore and vdimm as you said
    but even at 1.85 vcore and 2.8 vdimm (my bios max) i cant run 3dmark2001 without it kick out to desktop or rebooting.

    i wonder what the prob is. here's the info when i failed running 3dmark:
    207x105 (2173.5)
    ram timing: 9-4-4-2T
    vcore 1.85 vdimm: 2.8
    temp: case: 25c and cpu:39-41

    i'm sure my comp can at least run at 2300 mhz, cause i tried before running it @200x11 (2300mhz) for about a month and its stable and i never encounter any prob. but since i upgrade my ram (was using kingston hyperx 512mb pc2700 @ 11-4-4-3 timing with default vdimm), i've been trying to pass 200 fsb speed with no success.

    well, i'm on 205 now, but i expect more with my new pair of memory

    any help?? is it possible that my memory is faulty?? how can you check??
    well, anyway thx in advance, and i'm off to bed now. i'll check tomorrow morning.

    ps: my new memory (hyperx 3500) isnt new, i bought it used (still got lifetime waranty tho) but only 2 month old (2 august 2003).

    so any ideas where my prob lies?? i even buy a new psu this morning (antec true power 550) but it changes nothing altough for some reason bios and pcprobe reads my temp @ 19-21c case and 32-36c cpu. but its a good thing right.

    thx in advance for any helps

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    When ya ran memtest86 did ya test each stick of memory by itself in single channel mode? :?:

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    Unfornately the A7N8X may have reached its limit. Usually what fixes that is a mod to up the vdd voltage (chipset), as that is what stops you from going any higher.

    If you don't know how to do it I don't recommend trying with a lot of research first. If not, just up the multi to finish it off.

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    so, it may not paired memory........

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    thx for all the reply.
    first of all, i tested the memory on dual channel mode and well it's running at dual channel just fine.
    i havent got time to test 1 memory at a time, and i really want/need to use both memory. but yea, maybe that way i can find out if one of them is faulty.

    soulburner, are you sure bout that??
    anyway, i'm just updating my bios using uber bios 1005 and it has a chipset voltage option (which now set at 1.6). is that what you're talking about?
    if it is can you tell me what should i do with it?? i mean what is the saffest i can raise it (i can raise it up to 1.9 in the option) and anything i should look out before fiddling with it.
    anyway, i'm gonna do more research about the chip volt mod tomorrow, i'm done for today.

    thx again guys, much appriciated

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    Well if it has the options now, that's good news, because I heard it was limited before. Try upping that 1 step at a time and see if you can get any higher.

    FX5900 - 3DMark2001 [20,566] - 3DMark2003 [7,281] - Aquamark3 [56,694]
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