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Thread: New Clocker How am i doing ????

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    heres my set up and all that .. You guys please tell me what it looks like to you . Thanks this is my first attempt at this ..

    Leadtek K7NCR18G - PRO
    2800 + BARTON
    SAMSUNG 1 GIG 3200
    GAINWARD 5900 ( GOLDEN SAMPLE ) 440 - 950

    So thats about the set up Heres my bios ..

    177 @ 12.5 = 2.21
    Memorys at 424
    3D marks at 5500 - 5700 everytime .. 43 - 44 c under load

    3 things also ide like to ask that is .. first . I see 2500 bartons running at these speeds like 2.2 is that all you can get ? i thought with a 2800 i would be able to go faster like maybe 3.0 ?

    second is i ordered some Corsiar xms 3200 is that gonna help ?
    i noticed they use samsung chips ?

    third question is Hows your day and thanks Bono

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    No AMD processor will make it to 3.0Ghz without vapor phase change cooling @ sub zero temps. Even then you'll be extremely lucky as you need a golden CPU. You'll be lucky to get 2.5 on air cooling.

    Run it at 200x11 for starters, it should be able to do that no problem.

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    i did 200 @ 11 no problem . now its at 2.0 ..
    do i move the FS bus or the multy ? ide like to see 2.5 ;)

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    fsb, you'll get more performance that way. Samsung RAM is usually good for a bit more that it's rating so you shouldn't have too much trouble getting above 200 mhz. If you run into a roadblock with the RAM, then play with the multiplier a little, but I seriously doubt you will get it above 11. If you find out that you have some healthy headroom with your RAM you may even have to lower it a bit (10.5 ?) to take full advantage of it
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