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Thread: When to shut your Computer off?

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    i have a few questions:

    Tell me if this is a good overclock:
    Abit IC7
    P4 [email protected]
    1 GB Corsair PC3700 (466MHz)DDR
    ATI Radeon 9600 Pro
    Wetern Digital HD 120 SATA
    FSB =233
    vcore=1.5 (should I lower this)
    vdimm=2.8 (Should I lower this)

    Im getting temps of 39.5 idle and 46 load. (Are those Bad?) "Air cooling"

    Now. I heard when you overclock acomputer. You should never shut it down? How often or when shoulf I shut it off?

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    You dont ever have to shut down. Though you can shut down every hour if you like. Amount of shut downs is totallly user dependant. If your testing for stability, dont shutdown though. Ihavent rebooted/shutdown in a week, and im still running fine.

    Those temps aint bad, and thats a decent OC

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    my rule, anytime it's just sitting there wasting electricity - shut it off.

    just like momma told you with light bulbs :D
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    i would shut it off when u wont use ur computer for a logn period of time. if it is only for like a few mins, then there is no point for shuting down. But if is for hours then i would shutdown cause it will extend the life of some electonics in teh computer, like the fans.

    nice setup by the way :D
    My new gaming rig..

    [size=1.28]asus a78nx-deluxe
    2x256mb pc 3200 ddr 400.(with cooling)
    athlon Xp 2500+ ( at 200x10=2000mhz .)
    seagate 80gb 8mb SATA
    Tt vlocano 7+ cpu cooling
    Clear case from HK.
    Leaktek fx5600 128mb
    enermax 350w PSU
    wireless internet setup[/size]

    (game/ftp server) windows xp pro, duron 1.4ghz, 256mb pc 2100 2x40gb Hd, radeon 9200se chieftec dragon
    canada price watch :)

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    umm smoking_pc i must disagree.
    letting your com run is much better for your hardware then Shutting down/turning it on all the time.

    Hardware errors/malfunctions rarely comes while the com is running
    Pentium 4 2,8ghz fsb 800mhz
    Kingston DDR PC4000 dual memory
    Asus P4P800-Deluxe
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    personally, I leave mine on 24/7. the monitor is the only thing I turn off when I'm not at my desk. In the long run it is usually best to just leave it on if you use it everyday. This is mainly due to exteme tempratute changes. When you boot your system your cpu (as well as nearly everything else) undergoes an immediate temp. boost and when you shut it off the temp drasticly drops. This cycle of exteme temp. flxes can be detrimental over time. So for someone that uses their computer(s) on a regualar basis it is usually a good idea to leave it on. However, if you go long periods of time without using it, and it's not doing anything for you (like crunching [email protected]) then it is perfectly fine to shut it off and save a few dollars on the electricity bill.
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