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    Im completely new in this.. im wondering how i can overclock my pentium 166...

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    Well you'd have to find out 1st if the multiplier and Front Bus Frequency can be manipulated by your motherboard. The manual for the board will usually tell you this if you have it but if you don't either the board will have it silkscreened on it (if your lucky) or you will have to find out who made it and it model number and see if you can download one. :smokin:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered
    Im completely new in this.. im wondering how i can overclock my pentium 166...
    Personally I donth think you will get far overclocking a P166 - but you can try :)
    Have a look for the mobo/pc manufacturers website - you will need the jumper setting.
    A P166 will be at 2.5 x 66, your options are to increase the bus speed or the multiplier.
    The bus speed options are usually 50,60 and 66 so I doubt that a higher bus speed is an option.
    Try tweaking the multiplier up to 3, to get 200MHz or lower the bus to 60 and increase the multiplier to 3 to get 180MHz.

    Good Luck :)
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