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Thread: Is my new mobo dead after CPU overheating???

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    or is there hope???


    I had just run my XP 2200+ at 9.5x210 (vcore @1.70V and 42-43 Celsius with no load/48-49 under load) for about 15 minutes and was in BIOS turning things back to original settings (13.5x133) when the fan started to rev up (controlled by a heat sensor on the CPU), the computer stopped responding and in about 3 seconds it shut down and that nasty overheating smell filled the air.

    Now the computer will not boot up. The fan will go on for 1 or 2 seconds and then shut down again.

    Motherboard: Albatron KX18D Pro II
    CPU: AMD XP2200
    Memory: Generic @ 5-2-2-2
    PSU: Generic 400W

    I have cleared the CMOS, switched to the backup BIOS, swapped heatsink and fan
    from another system, swapped PSU and even bought and installed a new Barton
    2500+ but the symptoms remain the same. Im new to the forum as well as overclocking and any advise is much appreciated.

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    Sounds very much like it's dead but those temps shouldn't have killed it. :cry:

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    It seems that the CPU is not the problem, since the system doesn't run with the new one. I don't really know the Albatron board - does it come with some kind of analyses tool which gives you information about what exaclty the problem is?

    Another possiblity would be broken memory. If you have the opportunity to swap it (ask a friend or so), try it.

    Also, you should try to clear the CMOS by removing the battery. Remove it, switch on the system, let it run for a few seconds (if possible), switch it off, put in the battery again.

    By the way - does your system boot at all? I.e., do you see anything on your screen until the system shuts down?
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    I had the same problem with my old computer and I got the answer that the Mobo was FUBAR. so if u want the answer go to some specialist or if u don't want the answer don't go.

    but MY suggestion is that u'r mobo is ****ed

    still I don't know it might be somthing else since I had P3:tears:

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    Quote Originally Posted by musculus
    so if u want the answer go to some specialist

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