Ok, sounds like you need reassurance, lol. If you wanna keep costs down, your best bet would be to get the following:

2.4C ($175)
i865mobo (I really like the MSI Neo2 FIS2R, for $140)
512MB of Corsair PC4000 Platinum RAM ($175)
3x 80GB Seagate Barracuda drives ($85 a piece)
Thermalright heatsink for the CPU (for o/cing)
Cables, thermal grease, DVD-ROM's, etc etc will add more, what ever you want there.
That case is nice and the 450watt PSU provides plenty of juice of o/cing. Make sure oyu get some fan filters for the intake fans.

Alright, basically, you set up the system as follows. Run the RAM in 1:1 sync, so that all parts run on the same FSB speed. Basically, you should be able to take the 2.4C from stock (200MHz x 12) to 3.0GHz (250x12), making the FSB go from 800 (200 x 4) to 1000 (250x4). This large bus size makes this set up MUCH faster than a standard 3.0GHzC, and its still gonna be stable. Also, at 250, that's the stock rating of your PC4000RAM (500MHz, or 250x2), so you wont have to o/c the RAM at all, which wont increase heat or voltages going to the RAM. This set up is also quite stable. Anyways, that's how it should basically run, and it'll be damn fast. Of course, a nice, finishing touch to this system would be a 128MB 9800 Pro :thumb: . Anyways, think about that, I think that set up will do you well. : peace2: Mista K6