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Thread: XP 2600+ just went down to 1.75ghz

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    Just a note, running XP 2600+, SOYO 400 MB, 1gig DDR 3200 memory, decided I needed to add another fan to add CPU cooling, so I cut a hole in the top of the box, added another fan.

    Just to run a fair test, went back and set my BIOS for optimized settings.things were going wonderfully, for a day or so.

    Today, ran WCPUID and noticed that it said I had an unknown CPU type, running at 1749 mhz, sys clock @ 166.65, sys bus @ 333.30 with a multiplier of 10.5. Went into control panel, system, said I had an unknown CPU type running @ 1.75 ghz.

    Knowing that I was running optimized settings in BIOS, I took what is always the last step and read the darned manual. Seems that when I installed the upper fan in the case, I just looked for the first open power connection for a fan and I mistakenly plugged it into the "CPUFAN2" position.

    Corrected that, and sheezam (which is French for "Viola") and all of a sudden, back to 2.083 ghz, with a multiplier of 12.5 Just wanted to pass that along if anyone else runs into the same problem
    AMD XP 2600+
    SOYO Dragon 400
    1 gig 3200 DDR
    Phillips CD/RW
    Pioneer DVD -/+ RW
    2-60 gig HD in RAID, 1 60 gig backup
    XP Pro

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    I've been tellin' ppl for years now never to power fans from the mobo itself as this leads to problems (those fan headers should only be used for monitorin' fans while the power comes directly from the PSU).

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