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Thread: Is this my max O/C? Also, Memory Questions

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    Ok, system specs first:

    Aopen AK77 Pro Motherboard with the VIA KT266 Chipset. Award 1.20 BIOS (Latest version, just flashed)
    AMD 1600+ XP with Retail HSU
    "Industry Standard" 256 mb PC2100 Memory
    Visiontek Xtasy nVidia geforce4 ti4200 128 mb O/Ced to 290.3/5678.0 w/ RivaTuner w/ Thermaltake gf4 HS/Fan/Mem HS
    SB Audigy1 X-Gamer Package
    Old crappy Maxtor 7200RPM 20 GB ATA66 HD
    10/100 NIC
    Very well ventilated Aluminum Case
    2 Side Fans, 1 Front Fan, 1 Back, all 80mm.
    My sys temp is 35C/ CPU 44C under load
    300 watt PSU

    I think thats about it.

    So, I started OCing my FSB to get ready for DeusEx/HL2/Doom3
    I would take it up to 136, run Sandra a few times, then a demo at high setting and a score test on Aquamark. I got to 144 when my CPU speed started to dropoff, so I figured I'd try it at 147 and if that didnt boost I was gonna kick up the voltage. Well when I try to start at 147 FSB, with a 1600+ with a 10.5 multiplier it runs the processor at 1543 mhz. Well it gets to WinXP load and gives me a BSOD saying it shutdown to prevent system damage. So I was just wondering if this is normal for this setup, and I hit my max at 144, or if theres something I can do to push it farther because my CPU is not even getting to 45C at 144.

    Also, Memory question, I run my memory at CAS 2 and its very stable. But I was wondering what at that 2-6-7-8 Crap is, I could not find a explanation anywhere on any sites. Also, what does queue depth and command mean in my BIOS, I tried different setting and they did not change my performance in SANDRA. Thanks in advance. Peace.

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    Ya need some PC2700 or PC3200 RAM as they give ya plent of OC head room, as that PC2100 is already being OC'd

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    So the RAM is hitting its OC ceiling and thats what is stopping XP from botting. Also I didnt mean to say "crap" about RAM timings, but I dont think my BIOS allows me to set these, but I was still wondering if queue depth and command settings in my BIOS do anything important.

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    PC2700 might help (but I doubt it) and the addition of voltage to the CPU and memory could also help (don't bother with PC3200 as your chipset just can't use it). Also your gettin' to the mark where ya AGP and PCI buses are well out of spec (this is likely the main reason that ya've hit the wall though) but with VIA chipsets prior to the KT400 there is no way to lock them at spec speeds. A mobo and memory upgrade would guarrantee a better result but with that older CPU it may not be by a great deal.

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    Thanks, that what I figured, I'm starting to scope out a new system, but probably gonna wait for pci-express to put out any money. And anyway, Deus Ex looks like its gonna be a big bag of suck, so ill be content playing NFSU and MP2 at a constant 25-30 fps.

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