I'm going to buy new parts for my comp but I can't make up my mind on which RAM is the best to buy.

The other stuff is going to be:
P4 2.4C (maybe 2.6C)
Asus P4C800 E Deluxe
Zalman 7000A-Cu

My hopes is to crank up the FSB to 260-270MHz but if that works out fine I'll try to reach higher FSB's. The thing is I can't decide if PC4000 and ratio 1:1 or PC3200 and ratio 5:4 is the way to go. Ive read tons of articles and there seems to be different opinions in that matter.

If I go with PC3200 it probably will be Corsairs Twinx 2x512 3200LL which I should be able to OC pretty well with good timings. But if I go with PC4000 the timings will be lousy and they will not OC as well as the PC3200.

Anyone got any advice??