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Thread: Choices choices, lets overclock !!

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    have found the Ocz Enchanced Latency PC4200 to be too much $$... instead I am going to shoot for the PC4000 Enchanced Latency. I am going to push the fsb too 250mhz, and run the ram at a 1 to 1. That means I am going to push my 2.6c to 3.2. Is that a reasonable overclock? With that kind of overl****, what type of cooling is recommended? Should I cool the northbridge as well? I have been looking into water cooling, but it seems like it is too extreme, maybe not??? My other option is to get some Kingston HyperX PC3500, which is rated at CL2. I will run at a 5:4 ration, my bus will be 250, and the ddr will be 200... The other setup the lateny is more lax, I read an article explaining the importance of latency. The article address is here Please give me some feedback as too which memory module to consider, as well as cooling ... Thanks

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    Sorry but I can't recommend OCZ products but PC3500 rated at 2-2-2-T1 will give better performance at 5:4 than PC4000+ at 1:1 because the timings on the later are so much slower.

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