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Thread: Overclocking Barton 2600+ with Abit AN7 nForce2

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    I have recently ordered a system upgrade and am planning to overclock my AMD Barton 2600+ so that it performs like a 2800+. I am kinda new at overclocking and would greatly appreciate if someone could answer a couple of questions

    - Can I overclock the Barton 2600+ simply by changing the multiplier factor in the BIOS? If I can, do I set it to 200x10.4 so that it reaches the Barton 2800+'s 2.08GHz frequency?

    - If I overclock to 2800 do I need to change the CPU fan and Heatsink that come with the retail 2600+, or can the 5 System fans keep the CPU cool enough?

    - The advertised timings for my memory are 2-3-2-6 but I am not sure if those settings are for a 166MHz Bus or 200MHz Bus? What is a faster but stable FSB/DRAM ratio setting for this type of memory? I just want to make the memory run slightly faster without pushing it too far.

    -Do I need to change any of the voltage settings CPU, DDR?

    - I have a budget 400W power supply, and am worried the voltages will fluctuate too much and cause problems. Should I get a better PSU, and how do I know if the one I have definitely needs to be changed?

    Thanks in advance!

    My system:
    -AMD Barton 2600+
    -ABIT AN7 Motherboard nForce2
    -ATI 9500 Pro
    -1x512MB Kingston HyperX DDR PC-3200
    -400W PSU
    -120GB WD SATA HDD
    -Plextor 708A DVD+/-RW
    -Liteon 32x12x40x CDRW
    -Nexus Fan Controller in 3.5" bay
    -Aspire TM2000 X-Pider thermal monitor/USB&Firewire ports 5.25"
    -5 Cooler Master Case Fans
    -Win XP Pro

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    Try 10 x 200MHz first but up the core voltage by 0.1v 1st as this will still perform better than the stock speed and then if successful raise the multiplier another 0.5. Ya need to run ya memory at 1:1 with that chipset but the timings are given for when runnin' at 200MHz as ya memory is rated at that speed. Keep an eye on ya voltages (I prefer to use Motherboard Monitor) but if they start to vary too much then it'll be best to get a quality PSU. The memory voltage should only be raised when you exceed its rated speed.

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