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Thread: Overclocking with 2600+ and 8RDA+ Nforce2

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    Athlon 2600+ XP (i think its a barton, i am kinda a nub)
    512mb PC2700 DDR and PC2100 256 mb
    Epox EP-8RDA+ Nforce2
    geforce fx 5600 256 mb
    60 gb WD hard drive

    If you need to know more, let me know.

    Sense I am a newbie with overclocking, and I have tried and failed many times, I thought that I should come here, and get the lowedown on overclocking with these specs.

    What do you think I should set my settings at in the bios, and what questions do you have for me? (if any)

    If you have Q's, I am here to answer them.

    I dunno how fast I could overclock this, if anyone has any ideas, let me know please.


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    OK I run the XP2600+ T'breb and the same mobo @ 11.5 x 200MHz (2.3GHz) but I use fast PC3500 (fast 3200 would be good enough but mixin' memory types/ratings is bad) with the CPU voltage @ 1.75v and I have a Volcano 7+ doin' the coolin' duties (a standard retail HSF won't really do the job). But ya CPU is a Barton ya may want to try 10 x 200MHz 1st and then step up the multiplier by 0.5 at a time. Also be sure that ya have the lastest BIOS flash or the 200MHz FSB may cause probs.

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