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Thread: New system help

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    I just upgraded my PIII 700mhz running on an ABIT BH6 mobo to a P4 1.8 Gig on a ASUS P4B board.
    Video is the same: ELSA Gladiac 920 (Nvidia Gforce III, 64 meg)
    256 meg SDRAM
    Win 98
    NASCAR 2002 would run at about 45 Frames per second on the old system, but now runs at about 50 frames per second. I was expecting a much larger boost in performance than this. Were my expectations too high? Or are there tweaks that I need to see real performance gains? I have heard that anything over 128 meg of RAM with Win 98 will actually slow the system down. Is this true?

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    I couldn't say what improvement you'd get with that particular game but you would think that a little more would be in order though a P4 is crippled when using SDRAM as the FSB of the CPU is MUCH faster than the memory, which is very likely the problem.
    As to 256MB's of memory, that's quite ok it's when more than that is added that things start goin' in the wrong direction.
    But idealy DDR SDRAM should be the minimum type memory use with a P4 for performance. :smokin:

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    Amount of ram will not slow the game, more than 128 megs of ram will not slow it down AT ALL. Whoever told you that is mis-informed.

    Most likely the limting factor here is your ram, as wiggo said, it is slow. However, make sure you have Direct X 8.1, and the newest drivers for your card.

    What resolution are you playing in??

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    An Asus P4B?
    Make sure you have some heavily overclockable SDRAM, and see how close you can actually get to the P4's FSB (Not far, but try anyway)

    I woulda got the 1.6A for overclockablity, so if you still got a reciept.......

    And little stuff like DirectX and Detonator drivers help.

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