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Thread: Pioneering into laptop overclocking (Warning some links incl

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    Overclocking desktops is nothing new. Most users can do it, most users are willing to do it. And of course, it has its benefits. However, ever since i became a laptop nut, i found it rather hard to enjoy my hobby (overclocking and modding).

    But, today, i would like to call an end to the dark-ages of mobile optimizing. Today, i have finally tweaked my laptop, to the extent that i would with any other desktop, and i would like to share that with you all now.

    I am not sure how many of you are familiar with my laptop, but for referance, here it is:

    System setup:
    P4 3.0C
    512 PC3200
    Mobility 9600 Pro Turbo
    15" UXGA
    60GB 5400RPM
    2x DVD-R/RW
    Creative Audigy 2 NX

    WinXP SP1
    Intel Inf 5.0.1007.0
    ATI Catylist 7.95 (6396)
    Latest A2 NX dirvers/firmware

    When i took on this project, i had a few goals in mind:
    Sucessfully and controlably overclock the CPU
    Sucessfully and controlably overclock the GPU
    Sucessfully and controlably overclock the RAM
    Sucessfully and controlably adjust RAM timings
    Combine as many of the above goals into one package stabily.

    To start off, i had to do some heavy research. Unlike desktops, laptops dont have any BIOS controls for any CPU or RAM speeds or timings. So, building off some already existing info, i gathered some programs. The two big ones, were ClockGen (for PLL ICS 952607; for FSB control), PCI-Tree (for RAM control), and CPU-Z (to verify settings).

    Now, to make sure i could safely do any kinds of overclocking, i decided to lap my heatsink. Thankfully, this was like any other desktop heatsink, and went smoothly.

    To give her a nice mirror finish, i started with 800 grit, and then used 100 and 1500, and finished with 2000. You can see the begging through the end in the included pictures:

    *Note: Pics are linked due to size:*

    Now, on to the benchmarking...

    To get a feel for the system, i decieded to take some zero point scores here. TO keep things even, i ran 5 benches on every trial i made (so things are comparible)..

    Stock 3D Mark 2001 (330)

    Stock 3D Mark 2003 (340)

    Stock PC Mark 04

    Stock SuperPI (1M)

    Stock SiSoft 2004 Arithmatic

    Stock SiSoft 2004 MultiMedia

    Stock SiSoft 2004 Memory

    Stock UT2003

    So, with that in mind, i set out to overclock. The first goal, was CPU overclcoking. Interestingly, this is where i found a hickup in my system.

    To be continued....

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    It seems that unlike desktops, this laptop needs to be rebooted in order for the settings to take effect. I found this odd, since CPU-Z reports the overclock, while the system did not (until rebooted). While my very frist attempt was a 3.1, i decided not to chronical it, and instead went on to 3.2:


    3.2 3D Mark 2001 (330)

    3.2 3D Mark 2003 (340)

    3.2 PC Mark 04

    3.2 SuperPI (1M)

    3.2 SiSoft 2004 Arithmatic

    3.2 SiSoft 2004 MultiMedia

    3.2 SiSoft 2004 Memory

    3.2 UT2003

    As you can see, the FSB boost and CPU boost netted some good results. One oddity though, is 3D Mark. Through this, and all other benches, the score did not change (until GPU clocks were adjusted). I have no explaination for this. Also, keep in mind that i did not consider any bench valid unless it made it alll the way through the benchmarking run; the 3DM score is after a full run (final compare posted at end).

    ...To be coninued...

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    With the completion of the CPU OC, i decided to move on to the RAM. Since OCing the FSB took care of the rams speed, all that was left there was adjusting the timings. This was a pain in the butt, since i had to use some poorly designed programs to even have access. My first attempt, started off with my trying to set the ram to 2,2,2,6. My computer instantly rebooted, so i went a bit more conservative, with 2,3,3,7. This setting was stable, and so i stuck with it:


    3.2T+ 3D Mark 2001 (330)

    3.2T+ 3D Mark 2003 (340)

    3.2T+ PC Mark 04

    3.2T+ SuperPI (1M)

    3.2T+ SiSoft 2004 Arithmatic

    3.2T+ SiSoft 2004 MultiMedia

    3.2T+ SiSoft 2004 Memory

    3.2T+ UT2003

    Once again, a nice improvement can be seen. Also, it should be noted, that at these settings, i could play Halo with no crashes or any other errors. However, in the interest of time, i decided to skip that part of testing.

    To be continued...

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    To finish off my testing though, i did push my system to the max, by adding a final GPU OC to the mix. While considered relativly light, considering all other adjustments made (CPU boost, FSB boost, 2 RAM boosts), i had to go light. So, i bumped my graphics up to 370/260, from 350/250. Now, since i only bumped the graphics, i only ran graphics benches. However, i ran the hardest ones i could find, and here they are...

    Ultimate 3D Mark 2001 (330)

    Ultimate 3D Mark 2003 (340)

    Ultimate UT2003

    Ultimate GLExcess


    HOWEVER.. i have a bonus for you guys. Since this test has been going great, i decided to push by baby even further.
    Say hello to the first benchmarks from a laptop aircooled, clocked at 3.3 (220FSB)! be concluded...

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    *Note: for all benches, i ran at 3.3 with the timings at 2,3,3,7, and 3D core speeds of 370/260*

    Here are the benches!

    CPU-Z (proof):


    SiSoft Arth:

    SiSoft Multi:

    SiSoft Memory:

    PC Mark 2004

    3D Mark 2001

    3D Mark 2003

    So there you have it guys. I am happy to say i have suceeded in every OCing attempt. IN the future, i plan on pushing my system further, but right now, this is proof of concept. So, what did i prove?

    Laptops can be overclocked.
    Laptops can be overclocked safely.
    Overclocking laptops can yield positive results

    My next step, is to make it so laptops can be overclocked easily.

    Anyway, i hope u guys liked this post. It has been 4 days in the making, and certianly was a rush for me. If you have any questions, dont be afraid to ask. Also, if you have any benches you would like to see me run, just tell me the setting (Stock, 3.2, 3.2 w/timings, Ultimate), and i will be glad to do so! :)


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    Very, Very Nice!!!

    Shows what a tweaker on a mission is capable of.

    I only have one question, what kind of temperatures were you getting at the different speeds? Cpu/System/Ambient would be nice.

    This sounds like the start of a great "How to overclock your laptop" guide. *wink wink* ;)
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    Ok, I have a ECS Laptop (G732) When i got it damaged it came to me 600 megaherz slower than when i sent it off. Personally i don't want to waste the money send it off again, so how do i find the PLL ( CPU Cool ) or how did you pull it off? Any suggestions? I've tryed looking into other sorces an no clue what to do and they all lead me into dead ends.

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    Unfortunatly, this kind of thing varies from machine to machine.. sometimes they are next to the CPU, or otherwhere on the system (mine is on the motherboard under the keyboard...). You can learn more about the PLL chips on CPU-Z's site..

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    Where the hell did the rest of the posts go?!?!?!

    OK, this is going to far. For one, you edited my thread with no reason.. now your delteading posts?! Who the hell is doing this? It bad neough you kill my work, but now you just edit how you wish!!! SCREW YOU!

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    I think all off topic posts were deleted(although i didn't do it).

    I forgot to say it before, but nice OC :) :thumb:

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