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Thread: 875p xeon server board for oc'ing & gaming

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    hey guys, i recently got a new job and i seam to find cash coming out the wazoo, anyhoo i had an idea while sitting at the office, i want to get another koolance case and put a xeon server board in it...only thing is i dont want to use any old server board, i wana use the (link= it uses ddr dual chan. and looks overclock friendly. so the thought was to get a set of corsair pc-4400(ddr550) 1gb and put it into my "old" p4c rig. and throw my ddr 500 512mb into the new board, and pick up a pair of xeon, 2.4's (with 1 meg cache) and oc' the both of them to about 3-3.1 ghz and throw a fx 5950 (non-ultra cuz im gona oc this ***** too)...i've been an intel fan since i started computing on a 286, so amd isnt an option (not that the amd64/64fx isnt very good.) but i think i could put together this xeon rig for about the same price as a comparable amd64fx rig. i think i might come up on a bottleneck in the ram dept. so a 2gb corsair pc3200 might be an option also for more room then a wimpy 512.

    ok this is where you guys give me you thoughts ,thanx for replying!!:group: :group:
    (p.s. anyone know if intel is gona make a 800fsb xeon???)
    2.4 p4c @3.06 1020mhz fsb
    ASUS P4C800Delux
    CORSAIR ddr500 XMS (3-4-4-8)
    maxtor 120gb w/8meg cache (raid0)
    2x WD Raptors (Raid0)
    2x120Gb Maxtor's
    Ti4200 363/667 mhz
    Water-cooled Koolance case

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    although i have never used a xeon system before just the sound of two 3ghz(overclocked) xeon processors with a 5950 just sounds awesome. But if you want to save some cash for more ram i would go for the 9800 xt which is (over here) about half the price of a 5950 and just as powerfull:thumb:
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