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Thread: Overclocking a Compaq Presario 2100

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    Hello every one Iam new to this fourm and was just reading about the guy that overclocked his laptop. I have one with a Athlon 2200+ and 512mb, I want to overclock it but I dont no what kind of motherboard it has and what program should I use.

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    Well that guy would have been either very lucky, or that laptop is no longer working. First, overclocking an OEM system like that just wont happen. Second, overclocking a laptop, which is usually OEM, shouldnt be done. Reason being there is already enough heat in that little area, so the last thing you want to do is fry the entire laptop because you wanted an extra 100MHz.

    Laptops are built with just enough cooling to keep them stable at thier stock speeds, most people are going to tell you to leave them stock.

    But incase you really want to know, try compaqs web site, or you can use a utility like CPUZ (

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