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Thread: Major Overclocking System Error Someone Help!

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    I have a major system error, I don't know what going on. I just recently overclocked my p4 2.67 ghz northwood on my MSI 655 max board to 3.36 ghz, and everything was running smoothly and no problems whatsoever, I watched over the CPU temperature and nothing was at all above normal the voltage was at 1.50, and in the middle of Adobe Photoshop 7.0, my computer froze up and made me shut down, and when I went to restart, my computer starts up past the bios and goes to a black screen in dos saying something along the lines of 'Windows is missing a file which may be corrupted or missing C:\WINDOWS\Command\System32' and then it says you can attempt to fix this problem by putting in the Windows setup cd and pressing r at the first screen to repair, and I don't know what to do. Is this problem derived from overclocking?? Or is it a actual corrupt file from maybe a installation or something of the sort. SOMEONE please help me!!!

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    Your PCI bus was probably overclocked, and your Hard Disk probably corrupted files due to that. You may be stuck with reinstalling XP

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    OK I've never been a fan of SiS (or ALi) chipsets but amd*cough*intel*cough*man probably has it close about the PCI bus bein' run out of spec (yes overclockin' could likely be the cause of the prob but not necessarily) though it could also be the PSU that caused this due to voltage sag but boot with the XP CD once things are set back to default settings and in the repair console select repair installation (updates will need to be reloaded once this is done).

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