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Thread: 1 stick of 512 DDR vs 2 sticks of 256

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    Since no one is interested in answering my post about overclocking my Lanparty NFII Ultra board with a 2400+ CPU, I'm going to ask another question that might be easier for you guys <grin>....

    I installed 1 stick of 512 DDR memory on my board, and now I hear my computer would have run better if I had put in 2 sticks of 256 DDR memeory.... Is this true? Would I gain any significant improvement in performance if I added a crummy 128 Stick of DDR to the 512?

    Hope you don't gotta think TOO long and hard on this

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    It depends on what motherboard you have. If you have a motherboard that supports dual channel, you'll see an increase, as your motherboard will be able to transmit data simultaneously. It's not a huge increase, but it still warrants picking up one with dual channel if you're getting a new motherboard. If you have it, then you should definetly make the swap - your computer store might even be willing to trade you your 512 stick for two 256 sticks of the same type.
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    If you have a board that has dual channel your memory bandwidth will increase, most likely double. I tested my XMS3200LL 2x256 in dual channel with bandwidth of 4900, and not in dual channel i get a sad..sad bandwidth of if you got a board with dual channel then yes 2x256 in dual will help or 2x512 or 2x128, what ever you have!
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    Your nForce2 mobo will run better with 2 sticks of memory so as to use both memory channels but if ya bothered to have a look around this forum first ya'll find plenty of answers to both your questions and it would've made it so easy for ya that ya wouldn't have had to type out these threads.

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    My bad. I remember reading that we are supposed to search before we post...but i forgot. I'm sorta new to posting on forums so I'll learn.

    I did search first before posting my other thread, so I'm not ALL bad...

    Thanks to all for their replies in any case...

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