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Thread: Unlocking Palomino xp2100(i know i know)

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    I have connected the L1's and switched the L10's and am so far at a happy medium.. I can at least select a FSB of 166 maybe a couple more but 166 is fine for me now with a muti of 11.
    Now here is the catcher. I can only select multi 5 and 11 also 12.5 when i select fsb of 133.. I would also like to mention that when normally i would check bios it offered a 1333 MHz, 1733(which is mine cause i have a xp2100 at 1733), and then i think it was 2400 or something for a higher one.. anyways now that i check bios after making selection it reads 500mhz, 667mhz, and 833mhz.. whats the deal with that or is that normal since i switched L bridges..

    Quick Review
    1. Why cant i select multi 10 ?
    2. Could i have maybe not made full contact with all bridges
    3. Is it normal to read Auto Cpu settings as 500mhz, 667mhz, and 833mhz ( i use manual semi fine except limited use of multi's)

    Please if you had similar or know of someone having similar problems Tell Me !!
    And please dont mention the palomino!! I already know it sucks !! but there has to be a way to use all multi's if wanted.

    Thanks !!

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    Why did ya touch the L10 bridges for? :confused:
    Ya only needed to reconnect the L1's and I'd say that what ya did to the L10's is what's caused ya probs.

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