I can't see a difference in stability with this 3700. set it to 2.7v. I admit now i went ahead far too soon. i shoulda known that 3200 or 3500 is my absolute limit thanks wiggo. thanks again because i didn't even know that this mem wasn't supported in the bios damn. so next time remind myself to do more extensive research. so i think that might be the answer to this problem. but i think maybe if i buy a p4 when they are cheaper and i already have spare supplies to build another machine in like 2 years when its past its sell by date. so i guesse this mem hasn't been entirely wasted. because I can still run it at 166 speeds..run benchmark tests and application installations, games.. no restart or no halt errors. still im running about the speed of 2500+ which is like plus 10 mhz over the old 2100+ with twice the cache. this cpu is runnin cooler in same room temperatures as other cpu and no matter what i do i get 28C. can't be half bad. Strange doesnt even seem colder... thats even weirder...
my next choice upgrades are SATA extensions
lian li warrior in like 4 months
3200llpro cas 2 when i can afford it like
next week i can get some screenshots of my setup force borrowing digi camera from somone.
i have a question concerning inserting an image into the forum. when i do a print scrn of desktop how do i save it into a jpeg file its rich text or text an i have no application that will change this.